Tech for Seniors

Like other older adults, Jeanie Lemaire, 70, didn’t grow up using computers and mobile phones. She recognizes the value of technology and has made some attempts to learn, but beyond making a phone call or sending a text on her smartphone, Jeanie feels a bit lost. “People say ‘just experiment,’ but it is not in my nature,” she explains. “I am a people person but want to be able to participate in the world.”

Recently, Jeanie was excited to learn that a new pilot project, Tech for Seniors, would be offered at her senior housing complex, The Salvation Army Silvercrest in Chula Vista. This six-month grant project aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness among lower income older adults in South Bay through the use of technology instruction. The project funded by Community Congregational Development Corporation and is a partnership between the South County Action Network (SoCAN), the health and technology organization Sarsis, and two low-income senior apartment complexes in the South Bay.

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