Chula Vista District 2, October 2021 Newsletter

October 1, 2021

Dear Northwest Chula Vista Neighbors and Friends,

I have some very exciting news to share with you!!

For three years, I have been working to help fix problems caused bythe lack of parking in Northwest Chula Vista, especially around our Norman Park Senior Center, in our downtown, and around our local schools.

For three years, we have shed tears to learn of car accidents, injuries, and deaths due to more and more drivers, driving faster through our historic, small-town neighborhoods, as we become a bigger city.

Three years ago, I met with a company that operated a free door-to-door shuttle service in parts of downtown San Diego. I asked them how much it would cost to make that service available (but even better) right here in Chula Vista.

It was (gulp!) a big number. A million dollars to get the project started and to fund the first year of operation.

Three years ago, this seemed impossible. But I kept talking about it. And asking for help. And discussing the benefits to our city management and staff. And, frankly, praying on it.

And then an amazing partner came forward – the CCDC – Community Congregational Development Corporation – a non-profit created after the sale of the Community Congregational Tower. Chula Vistans (current and former) Laurie Orange, David Hand, Jerry May, Barbara Locci, Nancy and Wayne Holiman, Liz Aguilar, Mike Bishop and Mike Green, who serve on the CCDC board, offered to help make this dream come true!

And then a grant opportunity from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) was announced – up to $1M each for 20 Clean Mobility Option projects in the state of California.

So… Our city applied for the grant and was awarded close to $1M! 

And then the CCDC matched the grant with another $1M, and the result is…

Coming soon, FREE Door-to-Door Electric Shuttle Transportation for seniors in Northwest Chula Vista!!!

FREE rides, on-call, on-demand, within the Northwest Chula Vista service area. For you! For your parents and grandparents. A small fee will be charged for those who aren’t “seniors” but want to use the shuttle.

Let me emphasize that these shuttles will pick you up at your front door, and take you wherever you’d like to go in Northwest Chula Vista!

Your home to the grocery store. Your home to your grandchildren’s school. Your home to the movies, the library, the doctor, the pet groomer, city hall, a nice restaurant, the hair salon, your sister’s home, the Norman Park Senior Center, the mall, the park, a tasting room, anywhere in the Northwest Chula Vista service area and back to your home when you call.

On October 12th, the service area map, hours of operation, and more details will be revealed to the City Council and the General Public. We will also know the age definition of “senior” (hint, I believe it will be 50 and older), and what the nominal fee will be to use the service for everyone who hasn’t reached that golden year as yet.

I’m so excited – this is going to transform how we move about in Northwest Chula Vista. And yes, I will work hard to raise the funds we need to include all of Western Chula Vista and expand the service to all of Chula Vista.

Joe Little did a cute story on this. Watch the video here

Once we get this program going, it will be important to get as many people using it as possible, so that we have data that shows the community and environmental benefit. So stay tuned… And help me get the word out!

Yeah, Chula Vista!! Great things are happening and even greater things lie ahead for us!

Warm regards,

Jill M. Galvez | Chula Vista City Councilmember | District 2, Northwest
276 Fourth Avenue | Chula Vista, CA  | 91910
Phone: 619.691.5177 | Cell: 619.997.1016 | Email:

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