A Debt of Gratitude from Community Through Hope

When Community Through Hope opened its doors in 2018 it was with the focus to support the unsheltered homeless population throughout the South Bay. But between panic shopping and inflation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Community Through Hope was forced to pivot from a focus that provided trauma-informed services to the unsheltered population to distributing nutrition to those facing food insecurity.Those most vulnerable to this health crisis was the senior demographic, the majority of whom were homebound during quarantine. While Community Through Hope saw the need, we needed a community champion to fill it. For us that has been the Community Development Congregational Development, which we are honored to recognize.Laurie Orange, the director and corporate secretary at CCDC, as well as a member of executive committee, worked directly with Community Through Hope during this time of enormous need when we asked for help in bringing nutrition to senior’s homes through the program Senior Nutrition on Wheels, funded entirely by the organization.“I don’t think it’s too grand to say it may have kept people alive,” Orange said. “Community Through Hope brought nutrition and other supplies directly to seniors. In a number of circumstances, it may have been the only social contact these people had during this time, filling a physical and emotional need.”While Community Through Hope is grateful for the opportunity to have filled this critical gap as a food emergency agency for more than two years, moving forward our organization has readjusted to addressing the unsheltered crisis and emergencies at the street level.
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